DAP Ceramah Full House - Account of an eyewitness


hhs.jpg It was a scene never witnessed before in Klang. A rough estimate of fifteen thousand Klangites from all walks of life came out in full force to show their support for the opposition in a DAP-organized ceramah at Hin Hua School.


The school was already packed with people by 7pm although the ceramah was only slated to begin at 7.30pm. With party leader Lim Kit Siang as the main headliner of the night, the compound of the school was filled to the brim as a steady stream of people continue to make their way to the school.


Seizing the opportunities to introduce Ronnie Liu and Charles Santiago to the masses, the speakers have the crowd cheering on every word as they touched on subjects close to the heart of the people such as the land issue and the national type schools allocations.


Clearly a charismatic speaker, Charles had the crowd in stitches with his humorous description of ruling coalition leaders. Huge roars of approvals were echoed in the school hall when Charles revealed his plans to kick out the BN, a parasite that has been leeching the people of Klang. He vowed to fight for a better system and other concerns such as security, equal opportunities in education and employment as well as eradicating poverty for the benefits of Klangites.


By this time, the crowd has grown so big that it spilled out to the roads and adjoining pedestrian bridge. Even rain could not douse the enthusiasm and emotions that were clearly displayed by most, if not all, who were present. The ground sentiment was clearly in favour of the opposition as many were disgusted with the way the government has been managed. Chorus of boos ringed among the crowds as Charles brought up the issues of the cancellation of indelible ink and the dirty tactics resorted by the government to ensure they stay in power. Fast losing his voice from a hectic speaking schedule, Charles plead to all who were present to hit the government where it matter the most, through their vote. As tens of thousand people of different race and creed cried Makkal Sakti, the message is clear where the Klangites preference lies.


Although midnight was approaching, there were few signs of people leaving as many were waiting for the arrival of Lim Kit Siang. As Lim entered the school at fifteen minutes past eleven pm, cries of “Makkal Sakti” were unmistakably loud and clear. Even though tired and weary from his rigorous schedule, the ever energetic Lim rallied the people together to stop the tyranny from continuing and break the hegemony of the ruling coalition.


The people had had enough of the oppression. Klangites do not need self-serving MPs who do not have the interest of the people at heart. All they want is an MP who will live up to the title and fight for the cause of Klangites. And in Charles Santiago, or the “Water Man” as some known him to be, they may have just found that man.

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