Senarai Kawasan Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Klang Sesi Julai 2008-Jun 2009

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Senarai ahli majlis MPK dalam laman web MPk clik sini

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  • manohar

    Congrats and happy deepavali. I find your web interesting./
    However your web has no tamil section.
    I see some news in Chinese but no tamil at all.
    I hope YB can do something about it.

    I hope Yb can turn Klang into a model city like a ‘mini singapore ‘. at the moment Klang town (tengku klana in a deplorable condition )
    Traders doing business ala maharaja lela.
    There is no law and order in tengku klana.

    MPK must enforce rules without fear and favour
    in all parts of klang.
    There must be good changes.
    Kindly inform all the councillors about this.
    Jan 2009 I may have to take drastic action against these counscillor if they fail to perform.
    As our MP I will let YB know the kind of action
    I take as an individual which would be more drastic than the “makkal sakthi “.

    I wish YB all the success.’

    -S Manohar
    Tel : 01223 67899

  • Andrew

    I find your website very informative. Thank you taking the effort.

    Together, let’s make Klang a better place for all…

  • Andrew

    I find your website very informative. Thank you for taking the effort.

    Together, let’s make Klang a better place for all…

  • siva

    why mpk never any take action on landside of taman Dwsawan at Klang Jaya. It have been many months the landside is happen n the house is already colapsed pls help the residents

  • Siva Sanjayan

    the “Jalan Kebun” road infront of Taman sentosa fasa 19 has sunk in. It’s been a year or more still no repairs done to it. Because of this the heavy vehicles are using the housing estate roads and damaging it. the vibrations are causing damage to houses there, when will this issue be solved.

    The picture is now available in Google Earth OMG.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sirs / Madam

    I deeply regret the number of times i had to lodge the same complaint about the state of the monsoon or storm drain along Jalan Seruling 56, Taman Klang Jaya. This drain runs across two or perhaps three housing estates namely taman klang jaya and taman sri andalas in Klang.

    The width of the drain has reduced due to massive overgrowth of creepers, weeds and grass.

    This drain is almost the only hope to regulate storm water during a heavy downpour. The dire situation of the storm is further aggravated by rubbish discarded by irresponsible residents. The SK Tmn Klang Jaya is also situated next to the drain.

    With the ‘current’ onset of the rainy season the storm drain has on many occasions ‘almost’ burst its banks threatening to flood (see picture attached of the incident on Thursday 1st December 2011) the homes of those who stay along the road/ drain.

    The volume of water in the drain during a heavy downpour is aggravated by high tide. Port Klang is about 10km away. These two events has occurred in the past and caused massive flooding of our homes and the school (SRK TAman Klang Jaya). During this time the bridges (two) at both ends of the road vanish under water, making it difficult to cross AND VERY DANGEROUS TO road users.

    They say disaster is a chain of events. Couple the high tide/ heavy downpour with the time children finish school (thank god it is school break now). we have a dangerous mix of events.

    Sir / Madam, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of public safety and hope that as responsible civil employees you have undeterred commitment towards your service to the public.

    1. We approached MPK twice about two months ago to clear the storm drain
    2. on our third visit we were told to speak to the engineer who was not a help at all when he mentioned that he cannot do anything since there was not budget to do the task!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. called MPK – aduan, PAs to YBs , and still till this week no action was seen or taken. we were told that action will be taken last week. BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.
    4. on 29th of November appx 1200hrs what we feared almost happened – water reached the roadsides and again on 1st December 2011.

    On 2nd December, the worst flood since 1970s hit Kajang town leaving people stranded and caught off guard. The flood happened when people are at least 2 hours into finishing their day and heading home. Again, we are lucky it is not school day.

    Sir / Madam,

    ALmost all families have both husband and wife working and at most occassions old aging parents and young children stay home. How will these vulnerable groups deal with such state of emergency, when massive flooding happens.

    In the midst of a busy schedule it is very depressing to make 7 complaints about the same problem!.
    Is this the quality, responsiveness and sense of urgency of the states’s civil service and the people’s representatives?

    Sir / Madam,

    My work involves issues related to climate change, adaptation and mitigation – amongst others. I deal with many government and non government agencies on a daily basis. I am very actively involved in standards development. I have a good sense of the importance of flood mitigation especially when weather patterns are erratic and severe.
    With the kind of responses we get for the storm drain complaints, I believe we are far behind in climate change adaptation. With no allocation for even the basic maintenance, we are doomed to suffer the brunt of irregular, severe and erratic weather patterns.

    We hope that this will be the last we complaint about the situation and see periodic maintenance of not only the storm drain along jalan seruling 56 but all areas in Selangor. Many people are being moved to flood relief centers in Selangor since Friday last week (2nd Dec 2011). this can be avoided or reduced if not minimised.

    If what we fear most, happens in Tmn Klang Jaya, we will hold MPK and those party to the lack of budget for flood mitigation fully responsible.

    For the last time, clear the storm / monsoon drain to allow better flow of storm water.