Last Call!

Date : 9th Jan 2009

Time : 730pm

Venue : Hin Hua High School, Hung Jing Yu Auditorium

Speakers : Tony Pua, Dr. Leong Kai Hin, Khoo Kay Peng and Charles Santiago

Organizer : Charles Santiago and Ronnie Liu

Language : Mandarin

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  • http://unknown nailisus ramuk

    Good day to you Yang Berhormat!

    I have been staying in Bayu Perdana for the past 2 years. Every time when it rains heavily, flash floods happens in the vicinity of the double storey houses, shops, arunamari hospital, leading roads to Bayu Villa, Vista Bayu, Prima Bayu & Vista Indah apartments. No action has been taken as todate. Even the MPK are not bothered.
    Please be advised that your office is located opposite where i am staying. Therefore there’s absolutely no way you could have missed these flash floods.
    Secondly, there are too many thefts especialy breaking into homes are happening. I am constantly worried over this matter as even when the security guards are making their rounds, homes are still being broken into.
    Thirdly, i being a chinese with an indian wife feel very sad over the lack of consideration by the Pakatan Rakyat’s government on the conditions of the Indian community. They have been neglected for more than 100 years. Even when looking at some of the economic state of the indian community, i have cried many times alone thinking what can be done for these community. Recently, a Tamil school pupil scored 12A’s in her examinations could not go to secondary school because no birth certificate and identity card (God bless the Tamil school headmaster for allowing her to finish primary education).
    I am fed up with this no b/c or no i/c, cannot go to school. It is a fundamental basic right for the child to go to school. If the parents don’t do it, the government should do it for them. I recall when Barisan Nasional had a massive national registration of identity card and birth certificates before March general elections (Khir toyol and his gangsters organised it), thousands of forms were finished in 2 hours. I was there to see it for my self. Toyol was surprised that so many forms finished in 2 hours. Why not the Pakatan Rakyat government do it again? It does not matter who started it as long it benefits the people of malaysia.
    I have sent this email to Menteri Besar, exco and now sending it to you for further action. Please help.

  • Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

    I know this is a little bit out of topic, but just to show my great support for DAP bravest leader, Karpal Singh!

    My comment in Anwar’s blog at:
    Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman), Germany, Jan 9th, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    I am absolutely shocked by Anwar’s support for the primitive Islamic laws! Yes, they are primitive, sexist, racist, fascist and sadist alright, based on specifically Arabic cultural traditional pagan values! How can there be such a religion that only knows how to instill fear of God rather than love for God and other humanity? I have supported Anwar in a small way, and even went to London to negotiate for his release with Amnesty International years back! Don’t betray the secular foundation of our Constitution which is increasingly hijacked by self-elected “God Warriors” in the double-face and women-haters PAS; or you will lose our support!

    Secularism, does not mean Atheism, and intelligent people should know that! It means respect for other cultural values on equal basis that include such attitude and practise for others’ religious beliefs, which is so necessary in a dynamically multicultural Malaysia!And I hope you won’t censor this views, or I’ll publish it elsewhere!!