Yes the latest news report by the Wall Street Journal has given everyone the biggest shock. And yes it’s damning.
The article states that Malaysia’s Attorney general Abdul GaniPatail confirms having received documents from the special Malaysian task force related to 1Malaysia Development Berhad, that alleges channeling of funds to bank accounts owned by Prime Minister Najib Razak.
This article may finally force Najib to throw in the towel as we see his deputy and another minister asking for independent probes into the allegations raised by the financial paper.
Yes, I am completely shocked, just like everyone else.
But there is also a bigger picture here that we just cannot afford to ignore. And it’s the failure of the various government institutions in the country. These institutions were entrusted to safeguard the nation’s interests.
The flow chart in the news article, showing the alleged money trail, clearly indicates that top civil servants and government bodies including regulators had played a part in this embezzlement of funds.
One powerful man has managed to pull this off, fattening his own bank balance with billions of ringgit. This is corruption and abuse of power.
All of us expected the sovereign fund to issue a denial. And they promptly did just that and said they did not transfer any money to Najib’s bank account.
But the Wall Street Journal gave a detailed account of the money trail, alleging the biggest transfers into Najib’s accounts were two deposits of USD 620 million and USD 61 million dollars in March 2013 during Malaysia’s election campaign, where Najib’s power was hanging by a thread.
This shows the depth of corruption amongst the various government bodies and how the Prime Minister, who enjoys absolute power, could manipulate the system to further his financial and political interest.
The money that has vanished belongs to the people. It was supposed to be used for the development of the country.
And so far, all fingers point towards Najib and his allies as the people who had cleverly set-up a sovereign fund with the sole intention of stealing the money.
Therefore, the report that GaniPatail acknowledges to have seen must be made public.
And more importantly, Najib must be asked to go on leave until the investigations are wrapped up.
And it is imperative that the Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament summon Parliament for an emergency session to address the unprecedented crisis facing the nation.
Charles Santiago
Member of Parliament, Klang

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