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Why should I be checking my voting details?

At our office for MP Klang, we have received several complaints regarding irregularities on their voter status. Here are some of the examples

a)      Citizens who were valid voters suddenly discovered their names have vanished from the electoral roll.

b)      Some voters had found themselves transferred to another constituency without making the request to transfer themselves.

c)      There are even people who claimed that they had never in their life registered as a voter and suddenly finding out that their name appears on the electoral roll.


In order to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you should be checking your voter’s registration as often as possible.


Where can I check for my latest voting details?

The best way is to check it on the SPR website at


How are voting details updated?

SPR updates voter information on a quarterly basis, usually in January, April, July and October.  Before the update becomes permanent, update information is displayed. This is known as Rang DPT. Before the changes become permanent, any party can voice their objection(s).


Under what circumstances can a voter be deleted ?

Voters are normally removed due to the following reasons

a)      Voter has died

b)      Losing citizenship

c)      Voters join the military, police or become an absentee voter, however they will be converted into postal voters

d)     Corresponding info does not exist in NRD database

e)      Due to public complaint. It is, however, not too clear how this process is done. In the past, SPR had removed some voters due to incomplete or conflicting info such as duplicate IC numbers.  Although subsequently some removed voters were added back to the roll. SPR had maintained that they don’t have the authority to remove voters other than death or lost of citizenship. Many have disputed that.


How does cheating occur ?

When duplicate ICs are in the ‘market’, people can vote using your IC. Also, there are circumstances when ballot papers are tampered with so please keep an eye on this.


What is a PACABA ?

PACABA is an acronym for Polling Agents, Counting Agents, Ballot Agents. These are the people who you will encounter when you go to vote on polling day.


Don’t you guys have PACABA  to monitor the election?

We do but we need as many as we can. For a parliamentary constituency like P110, we may need up to 600 PACABA. This is due to the fact that each voting district would have several rooms, just in case a dispute occurs, or if a PACABA needs to take a short break, a string of cheating may occur without anyone monitoring it. So, please sign up as PACABA if you can.  Ideally, we should also have a healthy number of PACAs in reserve just in case some don’t show up due to unavoidable circumstances.



What do I do if I was once a voter but no longer in the roll?

You may report to us even if you are not voting in P110 Klang, we will be able to help. Please call 03-3323 2122.


What can I do if I am suddenly transferred to another constituency?

If it is within the ‘objection’ period, you may object to this or simply contact us.


What are phantom voters ?

The term phantom voters actually refer to electors who come to cast their votes at polling stations using false identity cards under the names of electors in the EC’s electoral rolls for those stations. These people may not be eligible to vote but have acquired Identity Cards and vote under another name. This kind of irregularity will severely affect a fair election and its result, it will destroy a democratic system.


I thought they check for IC before one is allowed to vote?

That is true. However, an Identity Card can be duplicated easily as the recent RCI on Sabah illegals demonstrates. Blank ID cards can be purchased rather easily and be printed with a standard ID printer. Although Malaysian ID does have some security features, many of these features are not checked during election time. Furthermore, PACABAs typically do not have access to the voter’s IC which makes the verification process off-limits to PACABAs.


Would it be possible for my name to be in the electoral roll if I have never registered ?

Yes. We have received numerous complaints regarding situations akin to this on. Since SPR does not register voters automatically, you should always be suspicious of this. On the contrary, there may be cases of a family member registering for you on your behalf. However, if someone had registered you, he/she may be prepared to use a fake IC to vote on your behalf. So, if you find yourself being registered as a voter without yourself knowing about it, try to get to the voting booth as early as possible and if you notice anything peculiar, please contact MP Klang Service Centre immediately.


I am currently residing overseas, can I be a voter?

In January 2013, the Election Commission (EC) announced that Malaysians residing overseas except in Singapore, southern Thailand (Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Songkhla and Satun), Kalimantan and Brunei would be allowed to apply to vote by post provided that they had been in Malaysia for at least 30 days in total during the previous five years. Register at any computerised post office or Malaysian mission overseas (including embassies, consulates-general, high commissions, the Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre in Taipei and the Malaysian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva). You only need to register once in your lifetime; however, it takes between 3-6 months after you register for a new electoral roll to be gazetted. To check whether you are already registered as a voter, please enter your IC no. at Students and government servants who have registered as absent voters will be listed with “pemilih tak hadir” as their locality, and do not need to apply using Form 1B. Please e-mail to or fax to +603-8881 1201/ 1202 / 1187

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